Window Film


Window films create an etched glass look to the windows giving them a contemporary edge. Our window film can add charm, style and privacy to your rooms. The windows, door panels or other glass surfaces are adorned with unique window film patterns that are complementary to the room.

These window films are also very popular within office settings with the glass film easy to attach and simple to apply. With a variety of window films to choose from you can browse through our frosted window film, decorative window film or privacy window film to find the right glass film for your setting.  

The frosted window film provides a frosted glass appearance providing the required privacy as well as a sophisticated look, while allowing natural light to enter the room too. We also cater to bespoke window films that can be customised for house numbers or names for your front doors. As the window films are removable they are ideal for rented homes or kids rooms. 


To order a window film, simply measure the window or glass surface for which the window film is required and then just select your ideal window film by browsing through the website. For more information on ordering the right window film look through our How to Order section or contact us for any further questions. 


Below you can browse through our various window films available and give your home a makeover in just a few minutes!